Our customer’s work with us because their brand deserves it.


At Displayworks we love what we do. 


Creative, practical and versatile. We are design lovers. Design makers. And problem solvers. While we adore great design, our creativity is tempered with pragmatism. We know that budgets are tight; that marketers are under relentless pressure to deliver and that your To Do list is never ending.  


Our customers rave about our personal service and the fact that we are generous with our technical expertise. Fluent in design, we’re not afraid to get our hands messy and believe that we should sweat the small stuff – not you. 


Based on our 30-years of experience in the display and exhibition industry, we’ll tell you straight up what will work and what won’t work. And if we feel there is a better way to do something that will help save you money or deliver a better result, we’ll tell you. 


Most of all, we believe that your success is fundamental to our success. We enjoy seeing the brands we work with succeeding in the market and love receiving emails from our customers which begin with those magic words, “Thank you…”